how to boost fertility

10 Steps on how to boost fertility


In the Western world about one-third of all cases of infertility are due to female factors, one-third is male and one-third is both. And even if you are not looking to conceive, there has never been a better time to take care of yourself. Below are ten steps that you can follow on how to boost fertility.

10 Steps on how to boost fertility


How to boost fertility

For the boys

1. L-Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid, which is great for male fertility health; this is because of its ability to help cell replication and formation. Arginine can actually increase the quality and number of sperm cells in many cases. Aginine is found in such foods as chocolate, oats, wheat germ, meat, soy, and coconut.

2. L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is not actually an amino acid but is in fact a compound related to the B Vitamin family. Its role in male fertility is that it helps transport fatty acids (fats) inside a cell to be used as energy as well as increasing the development and function of sperm. Carnitine is found in meat sources.

For men & women

3. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that can provide protection of a cell from being harmed by ‘free radicals’. This is particularly desirable when trying to fall pregnant, as protection from sperm and egg damage is key to conception. Some well-known antioxidants are Vitamin C, flavonoids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc CoQ10 and more. And foods such as berries, colourful fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains and seeds, green tea, dark chocolate and many more contain such antioxidants.

4. Avoid toxins and free radicals

Free radicals are compounds that damage cells, leading to premature ageing, cell mutation, sperm and egg damage, even cancer. Free radicals are found in cigarette smoke, household and industrial chemicals – from cleaning products, beauty products, glues, paints, in our food (which is why organic food is so important when trying to fall pregnant), heavy metals, pollution pesticides, radiation, bad fats, coffee, excessive alcohol, drugs, the pill, too much sugar and more.

5. Detox

Detoxing ourselves before we try to conceive is helpful to conception, because as we saw earlier, toxins, polutants and free radicals can cause damage and lower our chances of falling pregnant, so doing a sensible and safe detox program with the assistance of a professional Nutritionist or Naturopath is a great idea.

6. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ fats

All the cells in our body have an outer layer that is made up of fats, the type of fats that we eat determine the quality of fats that make up this layer. It is very beneficial that this fatty layer is of good quality, particularly when we are talking about the quality of sperm and egg cells. So it is best to avoid bad fats, for instance, margarine, peanut butter and processed foods. Instead, eat more ‘good fats’ like fish oil, flaxseed oil, raw nuts and avocado is a great idea.

7. Super foods

Foods and nutrients that are great not only for our general health but also our sexual and fertility health are spirulina, barley grass, chlorella, goji, green tea, quinoa, amaranth, acia, moderate amounts of dark chocolate and red wine, and berries.


8. Exercise

Regular and non-strenuous exercise, such as Pilates, yoga, walking and swimming are great for increasing your chances of conception because it can assist your body in staying within a healthy weight range, it can lower stress, and it keeps your blood circulating-nourishing all your cells, making them more fertile.

9. Stress

Stress is a major contributor to a decrease in fertility because all our stress hormones that are released gear up our body for ‘fight of flight’ mode and, in turn, switch off many of the hormones and natural processes in the body that allow us to become pregnant.

10. Sleep

Sleep helps regulate all our hormonal functions and is the time our body repairs any damage that occurred to our cells during the day, so insufficient sleep triggers our stress hormones, once again telling our body not to become pregnant.


These are just a few simple tips to help increase your chances on how to boost fertility goals. It is essential to consult with a nutritionist for correct supplemental dosing of the vitamins and minerals mentioned. Good luck!

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