getting home ready to sell

Getting home ready to sell


5 Top tips for getting home ready to sell

Apart from price alone – What else should you take into account when you’re weighing up your decision? See below

  1. Are you looking to go to auction or sell by private treaty? There are many compelling reasons people choose one or the other, but in relation to timing and price, remember that auctions are driven by a deadline, while private treaty sales are not. So think hard about what sort of property you have in terms of demand, and what method is better for your circumstances.
  2. Don’t just look at a blanket range of what other properties have sold for in your suburb, but rather, break them down into respective price brackets. Look at the size of each property, the property’s relative proximity to schools and shops, as well as the general style of the place. This will help you obtain a more objective representation of how your property stacks up.
  3. Ask yourself how desperate you are to move. Because if it’s mainly due to feeling like you’ve outgrown your existing property – take a deep breath and take your time. When you consider you’ve probably already been in your existing home for quite some time and are looking to move onto another for the next 20 years – does it really matter if you delay the process slightly, especially if it makes you feel more financially certain about going ahead?
  4. Have you already bought elsewhere? If so, given you’ve already broken the cardinal rule of property (i.e. sell before you buy), consider renting out your new property if the market for selling doesn’t seem to be in your favor at the moment.
  5. When readying your property for sale, prepare it to appeal to a large range of prospective buyers, not just so it suits your own taste and purpose. And if it’s looking tired and you need to put some money and effort into painting, cleaning up and making minor repairs, then just do it.
getting home ready to sell

Getting home ready to sell

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