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How to get faster at running


how to get faster at runningHow to get faster at running?

Here are 8 ways for you to learn how to get faster at running:

  1. Get a coach or join a running squad, and follow the program exactly as they set out for you.
  2. The biggest thing that stops people from improving their running performance is injury. To prevent this, get proper running shoes (preferably properly fitted from a specialist running store) and see your physiotherapist, chiropractor, alternatively massage therapist at the first sign of injury.
  3. In order to get faster, you need to recover. Work hard during your hard efforts, and relax during your easier runs and days off.
  4. Find running buddies. Have someone who is a bit faster than you to push you in your hard sessions, someone a bit slower than you so you are sure that you go easy in your easy sessions, and someone who you don’t want to let down, to help you show up for every run!
  5. Sign up (and pay) for a goal race. It is amazing how a single event can motivate you to train.
  6. Beyond shoes, treat yourself to some groovy running gear. Not only will cool and lightweight fabrics prevent chafing, they will also inspire you and make you feel like a ‘real’ runner.
  7. If you are into technology, consider buying yourself a GPS device. No more kidding yourself that you are actually running farther and/or faster than you really are!
  8. Try going for a run with a 2kg bag of sugar in a backpack and you’ll get a sense of why excess weight will slow you down. Sure, you don’t need to have a physique of an Olympic marathoner, but look at your food intake and whether you could stand to drop a few kilos. The good news is that running is one of the best calorie burners around! However, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want (unless you’re an elite male distance runner covering 160km a week). As a moderate runner, you should be eating moderately.

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Typical training week

For those of you who already run, you’ll only get faster by running faster. A typical training week is shown in the below table.

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